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Portia’s Law of the Sea…

Portia’s Law

I’ve been thinking about the Sea: It’s a harvesting issue… There was, in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, a very smart (proto-feminist) ‘lawyer’ who needed to get her friend out of a hole. Her friend had offered a pound of his own flesh if he couldn’t pay his debts (he was very confident of his abilityContinue reading “Portia’s Law”

The Elements

Þ Food · What should we be eating ? · How can we make plant-based food irresistible ? · Preparation and Presentation · Where should we get it from · Local/International · Cooperatives/Individuals/Markets · Commercially produced foodstuffs Þ Energy · Powering your home ? · Efficiency & self-generating · Source & Local generation · Powering your travel ? · Electric vehicles · Other transport options · Individual and/or Group Þ Lifestyle · FamilyContinue reading “The Elements”

The Solution

The world simply does not have enough land to farm sufficient meat for everyone let alone produce enough food and to allow sufficient wild spaces for the world to ‘recover its breath’. In the two challenges lie a wealth of possibilities, heart-aches, successes and inspiration as we look at what it means and try toContinue reading “The Solution”

The Science

Þ Greenhouse gasses and the melting ice-caps Global : Continued output of methane, Nitrous oxide & CO2 is making the geo-climate unstable to the point of catastrophic failure within 30 years. Local : Flooding, drought or fire is increasingly causing difficulty for successful existence—even in ‘developed’ countries. Individual : Loss of home, job and hope as year-on year,Continue reading “The Science”

The Premise – It’s in Our Hands

An episodic ‘fly on the wall’,  real-life documentary offering a radical positive view on how to manage the requirements of climate change. Þ The Science – Introductory programme setting out the premise for positive living in uncertain times. Þ The Search – The process of selecting a number of villages to take part in the competition/experiment to workContinue reading “The Premise – It’s in Our Hands”

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