The Elements

Þ Food · What should we be eating ? · How can we make plant-based food irresistible ? · Preparation and Presentation · Where should we get it from · Local/International · Cooperatives/Individuals/Markets · Commercially produced foodstuffs Þ Energy · Powering your home ? · Efficiency & self-generating · Source & Local generation · Powering your travel ? · Electric vehicles · Other transport options · Individual and/or Group Þ Lifestyle · FamilyContinue reading “The Elements”

The Science

Þ Greenhouse gasses and the melting ice-caps Global : Continued output of methane, Nitrous oxide & CO2 is making the geo-climate unstable to the point of catastrophic failure within 30 years. Local : Flooding, drought or fire is increasingly causing difficulty for successful existence—even in ‘developed’ countries. Individual : Loss of home, job and hope as year-on year,Continue reading “The Science”

The Premise – It’s in Our Hands

An episodic ‘fly on the wall’,  real-life documentary offering a radical positive view on how to manage the requirements of climate change. Þ The Science – Introductory programme setting out the premise for positive living in uncertain times. Þ The Search – The process of selecting a number of villages to take part in the competition/experiment to workContinue reading “The Premise – It’s in Our Hands”