The Science

Þ Greenhouse gasses and the melting ice-caps

Global : Continued output of methane, Nitrous oxide & CO2 is making the geo-climate unstable to the point of catastrophic failure within 30 years.

Local : Flooding, drought or fire is increasingly causing difficulty for successful existence—even in ‘developed’ countries.

Individual : Loss of home, job and hope as year-on year, these things become  wilder and more frequent.

Þ Loss of bio-diversity, destruction of land quality and water resource.

Global : Clearance of ‘wild’ land to produce more food robs the land of its ability to deliver and the circle becomes increasingly destructive.

Local : Pandemics reach to every locality. Food becomes scarce and expensive. Social unrest.

Individual : Those things we have taken for granted in the West will become luxuries that few can afford.

Þ Mass human displacement

Global : Political & civil unrest, starvation and thirst   become massive. Mass extinction events take place on a scale we have not really seen.

Local : You either become a  refugee or they’re on your doorstep. Order breaks down as we fight to ‘keep what’s ours.’

Individual : No secure life experience for you or your children. Loss of breadth of education and knowledge Life could become ‘short and brutish’ as life-expectancy collapses

The suppositions above are not yet unavoidable but if we leave it to Governments and Big Business and the World Health Organisation and UNICEF and any one of a hundred other organisations and shrug our shoulders then we need to face up to it and EVERYBODY MUST PLAY THEIR INDIVIDUAL PART—regardless of anyone else.

This series focuses on our part in creating a successful sustainable future

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