The Premise – It’s in Our Hands

An episodic ‘fly on the wall’,  real-life documentary offering a radical positive view on how to manage the requirements of climate change.

Þ The Science – Introductory programme setting out the premise for positive living in uncertain times.

Þ The Search – The process of selecting a number of villages to take part in the competition/experiment to work through a blue-print for future living.

Þ The Solution – A number of programmes following the adventures of the participating villages as they seek to deploy Successful Sustainable Strategies against measurable outcomes.

Use of interview, fly-on-the-wall film, graphics and ’live’ studio (aka : Top Gear) involvement to tell the 2-year story of the transformation of the participating villages.

The objective is to show how communities across the globe can come together to address the steps necessary to deal with climate change – always based on the premise that the outcome is ’In Our Hands!’ at all levels

In the first programme, we set out the issue of Climate Change as it faces us. Not the challenge of melting ice-caps, world-wide weather instability and a raft of other things that we look at but cannot impact on but the things we do that actually make it worse and to look at the things we could do that would make it better—quickly!

“It used to be a problem for our grandchildren—then our children—but increasingly, the evidence is that this is a problem we need to address—NOW!!” The programme sets out the steps we can take to begin to repair the world and the effect we can have on ourselves, our community, our country and eventually, the world!

To make it immediate and accessible, we use a ‘reality’ format and the 2nd programme is all about selling the     concepts and ideas to a number of potential villages (in the UK initially) to get them to engage with a sociological and scientific experiment to improve their lives, their environment and manage climate change.

In the 3rd and subsequent programmes, we follow the progress of the villages and their inhabitants as they deploy the strategies and the final programme in the first series is a summary of success & failure after the first year.

The possibility of subsequent series and the creation of a format that can be sold to other territories seems likely.

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