It’s in Our Hands

A Successful Sustainable Future

It started with a reality television show… but the outcome could change the world!

The Concept

To show how communities across the globe can come together to address the steps necessary to deal with climate change – always based on the premise that the outcome is ’In Our Hands!’ at all levels.

Bad things we think…

“There’s nothing we can do about it….”

“What can we do if China, Russia and USA continue pumping out greenhouse gasses…”

“We are only a few individuals against powerful corporates…”

Actually – there is plenty we can do – and the world has been changed by a few people before… Think Gandhi, Mandela, Paul the apostle, Genghis Kahn…..

It’s in Our Hands to leave the world a better place for your grandchildren.

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The Science

The world simply does not have enough land to farm sufficient meat for everyone let alone produce enough food and to allow sufficient wild spaces for the world to ‘recover its breath’. In the two challenges lie a wealth of possibilities, heart-aches, successes and inspiration as we look at what it means and try to deploy emerging strategies.

The question is not so much ‘should we be doing this?’ as ‘how do we do it and make it attractive?’

It’s in Our Hands to leave the world a better place for your grandchildren.

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The Solution

It’s not Either/Orit’s Both/And

What should we do as individuals and how should we influence our community to play our part in managing Climate Change?

NB : Not just – how do we reduce our carbon footprint? Or How do I live a more sustainable lifestyle? We need to do both and more….

It starts with some very simple steps : Most important of all :¨ From tomorrow – eat far more locally produced, plant based food and ideally, remove farmed meat and fish from your diet entirely.

Then : ¨ Organise your life to waste less, be efficient in energy use, create energy locally, and take responsibility for your locality.

Just these few changes are in Our Hands and you will leave the world a better place for your grandchildren.

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The TV Show
  • The Concept
  • The Search
  • The Action
  • The Outcomes

For good or ill, several villages across the country compete to address their own ‘micro-climate’ and in finding the solutions, they will change the world.

The Challenge

“It used to be a problem for our grandchildren, then it was our children’s but it has become very much OUR problem”

Martin Dyckhoff : Producer


Increased bio-diversity, energy contributing, CO2 & carbon free and happy

Positive programmes for change that can be implemented in every village and town across the world.

Discovering the power of the consumer to change the supply the chain

About Us

We are a non-political group of concerned individuals who have been made aware of the climate disaster that faces our planet and don’t want to ignore it

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